RaysunWRD-3/JR1208P/JWS-22 Wireless AV Receivers & Wideband Scanner

2021/01/21 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Wireless A/V Receivers & Wideband Scanner
  • Modular wireless receiver integrates DVR-2 digital A/V recorder to become a ideal device, no need external power supply for remote receiving, monitoring & recording.
  • Coupling with a wrist-wear circle belt for carrying on your wrist fast, conveniently for hand-free operation.
  • Co-work with our various wireless A/V transmitters (0.5W, 1W, 4W) as well.
  • 8 selectable channels.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery, running time up to 6 hrs above continuously, co-work with power adapter as well for long period operation.
  • 8 selectable channels (LED indication).
  • A/V output to connect with TV or monitor.
  • Scanning range of 900~2800MHz, covering numerous types of wireless transmitting cameras.
  • Uses SDHC card for storage, users can record videos or capture photos for evidence.
  • Adjustable scanner sensitivity, signal strength metering, programmable frequency setting; providing better efficiency for scanning.
  • Can be use with wireless transmitter for remote monitoring or connect with body worn cameras for covert missions.
  • Buzzer and vibration alarm can be set to go off when a wireless signal is detected when scanning.

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Model WRD-3 JR-1208P
Freq. range 1200MHz 1200MHz
Channel 8Ch 8Ch
Power 2,200mA/3.7VDC 2,200mA/3.7VDC
Running time Around 90 minutes above (built-in battery) Around 6 hrs above
(built-in battery)
Dimension 78x66x15 mm 55x23x85 mm
Weight Around 130g(w/battery) Around 110g(w/battery)

Model number JWS-22
Display 2.5” TFT LCD
Scanning Range 900-2800 MHz
Scanning Mode Normal:  900-2800 MHz
Preset:  16 Programmable Frequencies
Mask:  16 Programmable Frequencies
Recording Mode Video / Snapshot / Auto
Algorithm Video: MPEG4 Snapshot: JPEG
File Format Video: ASF Snapshot: JPG
Resolution 640 x 480
Frame rate 25 Frames per second
External Video Input 75Ω / 1.4 Vp-p
External Audio Input 1K Load / 2Vp-p
Storage media SD Card (Support up to SDHC 32GB)
Data Interface Mini USB 2.0
External Camera Input DC 5V (2.5mm Connector)
A/V System Standard  NTSC and PAL
Maximum File 200 files
Battery 4400mAH Li-ion Battery / 2.5 hours
Operating Current Scanning: 550mA
Recording: 750mA
Playback: 650mA
Operating Voltage 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Dimension / Weight 122 x 74 x 28 mm / 184 g
Operating Temperature / Humidity 60 °C / 20 ~ 80%
Storage Temperature -20% ~ 80 °C
Others Adjustable Sensitivity
Video playback
Remaining Battery Indicator
Battery Recharge Indicator
Date & Time Display
Buzzer & Vibration Alarm

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