RAYSUN ARG-3 Multi-functional Soft-gun

2024/05/24 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Multi-functional Soft-gun

  • Semi-auto shooting mechanism, powerful non-lethal weapon, especially suit for Anti-riot purpose.
  • Magazine for loading various balls: Pepper ball, Rubber ball and Color ball, Training ball...etc.
  • CO2 condensed gas cylinder as its propellant power, easy for operation and safe for storage.
  • Features a pressure meter for measuring the remaining gas volume.
  • Interchangeable long & short barrels.
  • Endurable aluminum alloy material construction.
  • This non-lethal weapon had been effectively used to anti-riot in the Seattle (US) riot event, WTO (HK) publics event, US Coast Guard, prison management, immigration office…etc.
  • Attached Picatinny rail for coupling with any standard accessories easily (like tactical light, laser sight…etc.)
  • Optional coupling with our TPL-5/-6/-10 powerful tactical flashlight for multi-applications.
  • Optional “Front/rear air intake bottle” & “Hopper”.

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Model ARG-3
Construction material T6 aluminum alloy, anti-slip and vibration proof rubber on grip
Dimension 25cm (L) x 17cm (H) (without accessories)
Weight Below 1 Kg (without accessories)
Kinetic energy 17 joules @ muzzle / 10 joules (max.) @ 20M from muzzle
projectile power *Front CO2 condensed gas cylinder, 12g/24 shoots
*Rear CO2 condensed gas cylinder, 70g/60~80 shoots. Can refuel CO2 gas.
Shooting mode Semi-auto
Barrel length Short barrel (5cm) Long barrel (27cm)
Speed measurement (@position from muzzle) approx. 55m/s @5m
approx. 47m/s @10m
approx. 42m/s @15m
approx. 33m/s @20m
approx. 75m/s @5m
approx. 65m/s @10m
approx. 63m/s @15m
approx. 48m/s @20m
Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Warranty One year

Standard package

  1. ARG-3 main body x1
  2. Magazine of 9 balls capacity *1
  3. ----
  4. Interchangeable long/short barrels *1/each
  5. Rubber/color/training balls x20/each *Appearance and color may different with following pictures.
  6. Assembling tools kit *1
  7. Shoulder strap *1


  1. 1913 Picatinny rail mount
  2. TPL-5 or TPL-10 extra high brightness tactical flashlight
  3. Laser sight
  4. Pepper ball/Rubber ball/Color ball/ Training ball
  5. CO2 condensed gas cylinder
  6. Front/rear air intake bottle (Can refuel CO2 gas)
  7. Hopper (can put around 150 pcs balls)

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