Raysun FS series Various Fiber-scope Inspection Devices, FS-T1, FS-T3, FS-T4-I, FS-T4-II

2024/05/24 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular
Raysun FS series
Various Fiber-scope Inspection Devices

  • Ultra-slim fiber-scope, tube outer dia. Is only Ø2.2mm
  • Easy carry/operation, directly eye-viewing.
  • Tube operation length: 980mm, total length: 1045mm
  • Weight: 75g only.
  • Can co-work with C-mount CCD & 25mm camcorder.

  • 2-way articulations control right/left turning of the lens, over 90 degree turning angle.
  • Scaled polyurethane rubber covered tube, water, oil, weak-acid/alkali proof, tube is scaled to indicate the length of insert. Capable for checking of industrial devices, drainage system, aviation security, research & study...etc. and many other applications.
  • Tube outer diameter: Ø6mm, total length: 1860mm.
  • Comes with LED light source which is interchangeable according to the applications.
  • Can co-work with C-mount CCD, 25mm camcorder & side-viewing mirror.
  • Featuring hard stainless steel tube, can be forced into narrow places (such as gun barrel and machine...etc for inspection.
  • Tube outer diameter: FS-T4-I: Ø7mm;FS-T4-II: Ø5mm
  • LED light source.
  • FS-T4-II can co-work with side-viewing mirror.
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Type Ultra-slim Controllable Rigid
Model FS-T1 FS-T3 FS-T4-I FS-T4-II
Optics system FOV 44°
Viewing direction Straight Straight /Side-viewing Straight Straight /Side-viewing
Lighting system -- Fiber-lead lighting system
Tube water-proof
Front-end lens outer diameter Φ4.0mm ±5% Φ6mm±5% Φ7.0mm±5% Φ5.0mm±5%
Insert tube outer diameter Φ2.2mm ±5% Φ6mm±5% Φ7.0mm±5% Φ5.0mm±5%
Tube operation length 980±20 mm 1860±20 mm 510±20 mm 550mm
Full length 1045±20 mm 1860±20 mm 600±20 mm 650mm
Tube bending Flexibly bending Flexibly bending --
Front-end lens articulation control -- Mechanical control,
right/left: 90º turning
Power supply -- CR123A *1 AA *1
Weight (w/standard light) 70g±5% 415g±5% 215g±5% 145g±5%
Can co-work with CCD camera or camcorder --
Can co-work with 90° side-viewing mirror -- --

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