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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular

Raysun HID-100
Amphibious dive light / searchlight

Immersible down to 100 m
  • With material of reinforced aeronautic aluminum alloy and impact resistance , it especially suits for marine salvage, submersible down to 100 m (IP 68), and applicable to firefighting and rescue, coastline security..etc.
  • With equipped 1913 Picatinny rail and availability to handcarry , shoulder carry, and belt-click, it is very convenient to illuminate overland or underwater.
  • LED flashing alert of low power for 15 minutes keeps diver safe and quits blackout all of sudden.

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Outer construction material

Military standard TYPE II hard anodizing processing

Color temperature



3000 hrs



Illumination range

500 m


18650 rechargeable Lithium battery

Running time

70 minutes

Protection level

IP-68 / immersible down to 100 meters


1.5K g


84 x 270 mm

Optional filters

IR filter ( 915 nm), Blue filter, red filter, UV filter


Raysun HID-II & H-168
Powerful Rechargeable Searchlight

TPL-5/6 LED/Xenon Tactical Flashlight

  • Searchlights made of ABS resin , wear resistant, equipped with 55W Xenon lamp, effective range up to 500 m, easy to maintain, and applicable for ambiance in cloud of sand, dust or rainstorm to provide illuminating, running time up to 70 minutes and Low-power alert for 10 minutes
TPL-5/6 LED/Xenon Tactical Flashlight
  • 35W HID Searchlight is designed for long-distance and effective range up to 1200 m, made of reinforced aerospace aluminum alloy, and is waterproof, applicable to marine salvage rescue and firefighting…etc
  • 1913 picatinny rail equipped, which can unites other extra weapon to ancillarily aim and illuminate.
H-168 Catalog Download
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DOC download
Model H-168 (X) H-168 (H) HID-2
Outer construction material ABS Reinforced aeronautic aluminum alloy casing, Military standard TYPE II hard anodizing processing
Dimensions 270(L) x 170(W) x 180 (H) mm Diameter: Ø120, 225(L) mm
Weight Below 2500g Below 2800g
Power switch 3 light mode: ON/OFF/Manual flash 2 light mode: ON/OFF
Lamp 55W/100W Xenon 35W HID 35W HID
Illuminating intensity Above 2,500/ 3500Lux at 10M distance of parallel light axis Above 3,500Lux at 10M distance of parallel light axis
Max. output luminance: 3,200 lumens
Power supply w/rechargeable Ni-MH battery, continuously light-up for over 80 minutes w/rechargeable Lithium battery, continuously light-up for over 120 minutes w/rechargeable Lithium battery, continuously light up for 90 minutes above
Protection level Immersed to water, IP-66 IP-56
Optional filters None Red: 590~640nm; rescue/signal/ multimedia or outdoor photography
blue: 450nm; signal
UV: 365nm; to reveal UV reactive materials, such as fingerprints, bloodstain, footprint, banknotes, gems, minerals, bacteria…etc.
IR: 800nm; invisible light

Standard package


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