Air Power System Multifunctional Line Launcher, Life Buoy,

2024/05/24 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular
Air Power System
Multifunctional Line Launcher
line launcher

  • Powered by CO2, the reusable projectiles can be optionally selected to serve different purposes and achieve amazing accuracy with minimal practice.
  • APS is an innovative device with modular design and various modes of deployment to meet different application. It comes with quick-release rail to easily attach to laser aimer, illuminator or camcorder. With pistol-like handle and belt clip for tactical use which allow the rescue mission can be completed by one person.


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1. Auto-inflating Life Buoy

It can deliver an auto-inflating life buoy with retrieval line to a victim in the water over distance up to 60m. It's an idea tool for water rescue without putting a rescuer at a risk.

2.Long Distance Line Thrower
The line can be thrown to building or cliff tops the rescuers can't access or used for ship-to-ship deployment, over distance up to 110m.

3.Parachute illuminating Bullet

It ejects the flare at 300m which burns for 60 seconds at 30000 candela, suitable for fishing, mountain climbing and outdoor rescue.

4.Colored smoke bullet
With massive toxic-free smoke output that burns for 60 seconds. 7 colors available, the colored smoke can be used for fire training, outdoor rescue or to identify the wind direction. Another type of waterproof smoke allows floating on water.

5.SOS signal flare bullet
It ejects the flare at 110m which burns for 60 seconds at 15000 cd.

6.Pepper bullet
The bullet will detonate after 5 seconds and release a cloud of irritating pepper powder on skin to cause tearing, coughing, choking and tight-shout eyes, more effective than traditional of burning type.

7.Training bullet

The bullet can be reused to increase shooting accuracy, making the training an inexpensive option.

line launcher

line launcher with LED line launcher IR
Attach to illuminator Attach to laser aimer

Standard package

line launcher Standard package
  1. APS main unit x 1
  2. 110m line thrower x 1
  3. 60m life buoy thrower x 1
  4. Extendable gunstock x 1
  5. Pistol-like control handle x 1
  6. Training bullet + rewinder x 1
  7. ----
  8. Puncture piece x 10
  9. CO2 gas bottle cartridge x 2
  10. Belt clip x 1
  11. Aluminum case x 1


line launcher option

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