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2019/05/21 UPDATE

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Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular
about us

Jiun-An Technology Co., Ltd. commenced in 1988 and has dedicated to Special surveillance Equipment for over two decades.
Our current line products include 3 categories: Security Defense & Tactical Devices, Special Surveillance Devices and Optics & Night Vision Devices designed especially for Military, Police, Coast Guard, Special Service/Force, Intelligence and Investigation Units…etc. ....more

jiunan stun gun

Unique 2-shot in one multi-functional self-defense device (Non-Stun Gun, Non-lethal) for flexibly launching pepper powder/bullet, rubber, paint, SOS bullet and changeable lights cartridges with built-in LED liSpy camcorderght for short range & long-time illuminating..
FS-EVD works with revolutionary micro camera. Integrated with wireless A/V transmitter, high resolution DVR and visual/invisible light source.
•Integrated mini CCD camera & LED lights, capable of viewing object at distance up to 3m under darkness.
•Stretchable handle for flexibly adjusting working length.

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